How to start listening to genres out of your comfort zone

I’m a huge music nerd, but my taste in music is pretty narrow. Now that I think about it, I really like specific, niche things in general (although I am glad that this doesn’t cover sports as I can always find my favorites on online bookies that often have promotions similar to the Kenyan bet365 […]


The best songs to play while exercising / playing sports

Working out can be difficult, but there’s no better way to motivate yourself than by listening to your favourite songs. Luckily, since we already use our phones daily for chatting and betting with welcome bonuses, we can also use them for listening to music while working out. Sometimes, though, you need more than just a […]


Does Playing an Instrument Benefit Your Mind?

Forget about drinking energy drinks to improve concentration and taking medication to enhance brain potential. All you actually need is music! That’s right. The powers of music are endless, which isn’t very surprising, but did you know that listening to music and especially playing an instrument can be beneficial to your mind? Research shows that […]


Biggest Concerts Held At Wembley Stadium

London’s biggest stadium is not only there for watching football games. It is also an iconic setting for many unforgettable concerts. It is a goal in every musician’s career to have performed there and a staple that every music fan needs to visit. Entertaining such a huge crowd is not an easy job at best, […]


Five Biggest Music Festivals In the World

There is no better way to fully experience the power of music than to visit a music festival. Better yet, visit one of the five biggest music festivals in the world. The wild crowds, best musicians you can find, and unbelievable energy, all in one place. You are sure to find the one that suits […]


Five Best Online Radio Stations Today

No matter how much we rely on other music platforms, radio stations are still prevailing and showing us that they are not to be underestimated. There are great ones for all the different music genres you might think of and they are a great tool to use to find new songs and artists. They can […]


Top Live Music Performances To See In Las Vegas

The city of bright, shiny lights and never-ending entertainment is surely the place where you can come across some of the best performers and witness them in action. Many stars opt to have a Las Vegas-based residency which makes it easier for them to have many concerts in the city rather than go on tours. […]