Top Live Music Performances To See In Las Vegas

The city of bright, shiny lights and never-ending entertainment is surely the place where you can come across some of the best performers and witness them in action. Many stars opt to have a Las Vegas-based residency which makes it easier for them to have many concerts in the city rather than go on tours. Luckily for anyone going to Vegas – there is always something to do and musical performance to see, even though we probably primarily think of poker and casinos with Pokerstars Bonus Code first when we mention Las Vegas.

Britney Spears

When she is not in the press, you can usually find Britney Spears performing in Las Vegas, the city that seems like it was made for her. Flashy stages, gold covered costumes and bright lights are all Britney Spears needs in order to leave the crowd speechless. After almost twenty years on the stage, she continues to make music and loves what she does. It seems that she isn’t doing too bad for herself, seeing her net worth stands at about $200 million.

Jennifer Lopez

Even at the age of 49, Jennifer Lopez continues to be one of the most visited people in Las Vegas and her shows still sell out almost instantly. Throughout her career, she proved to be a triple threat showing off her acting, singing, and dancing abilities. She is also a smart businesswoman and has her own clothing and fragrance lines. But, music fans come to her show to enjoy the shining spectacle and hew amazing vocals. You can expect to hear many of her definite hits such as ”Jenny From the Block” and ”Love Don’t Cost a Thing”. However, if you want the best seats in the house, be prepared for pricey tickets that go up to $800.

Elton John

There probably isn’t a bigger star in Las Vegas than Elton John and it would be an immense shame not to see his live performance there. After leaving England, Elton John found great success in the US with his singles being in the Top 40 Billboard 26 years in a row. Not to mention that his single “Candle in the Wind” became the best-selling in history. The artist has a net worth of $500 million and he keeps writing music, singing, and performing for his loyal fans.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey became instantly famous when her voice caught the ear of Tommy Mottola, head of Columbia Records. Soon after that, in 1990, she released her first album. Mariah Carey was, in her prime, easily the best vocalist there was and her talent is what earned her two Grammy Awards. If you thought that Jennifer Lopez had expensive tickets, what do you say to Mariah’s $1,300 VIP seats? Probably worth it.

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