Guide to Best Video Game Soundtracks

Music just makes everything better, doesn’t it? It can make an ordinary experience exceptional and your regular gaming time the adventure you needed to make life more interesting. The soundtrack sets the overall tone of the game and sometimes it is the key aspect that makes the game amazing. Imagine if all games from video games to online bingo or lottery had an amazing soundtrack – it would make using the Best Online Bingo Offers much more fun, wouldn’t it?

Video game music is one of the favorite fields of contemporary composers, and their creations just keep getting better.


Gamers all around the world fell in love with Celeste as soon as it was released in 2018. Its artistic graphics and intricate gameplay are just some of the reasons this game managed to win them over. Another one of them was its music. The soundtrack manages to follow not only the theme, which deals with mental illness, but also the action of climbing a mountain. With its rapid switches between a fast and slow pace, it adds to the intensity of the game and redefines the whole experience.


Even though this game was released a long time ago, it still remains one of the best indie games so far. Bastion is a western-inspired combat game in which the player has all the freedom to decide how the story ends. What adds the most to this atmosphere are the slow guitar tones, which emphasize the isolation and upbeat strums denoting the adventure ahead. In many ways, the soundtrack is what makes this game so unique and authentic.

God of War

The 2018 God of War installment proved to be worth the wait as thousands of its loyal fans became almost instantly fascinated by it. This action-adventure video game saga is based heavily on mythology and this installment specialized in Norse myths. The music is probably the reason this game seems so realistic. It has aspects of Icelandic choir and Nordic instruments, with the nyckelharpa and hurdy-gurdy being some of them.


Beautiful, simple graphics and a captivating storyline make Journey one of the most popular short games. The themes of isolation and hope that follow the story are effortlessly built into the soundtrack as well using deep strings and a playful harp. The greatness of this soundtrack also proves the fact that it was shortlisted for the Grammy Award for ‘Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media’.

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger and the follow-up game Chrono Cross are role-playing games in which the main goal is to finish the adventure by ultimately saving the world. The composer of the soundtrack, Yasunori Mitsuda, applied the same seriousness to his work making them concert hall material. He reportedly passed out frequently while composing and went through a lot of trouble to make these two soundtracks the best possible.

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