How to Use Music to Enhance a Workout

We like to improve what we can in our lives. We improve our productivity by using a time managing app, we improve our online betting experience by using only the Best Bookmakers in the UK, and we improve working, doing house chores, and exercising by playing some music. But, did you know that the use of headphones during races is banned in the US? Apparently, runners who listened to music during races were thought to have a competitive edge. This decision was heavily critiqued, which just confirms how important music is to runners during races. However, you don’t have to be a competitive athlete to use music to improve your performance and have a better, more rewarding workout.

1. Dissociation    

Dissociation is the mechanism used to divert the mind from the bad sides of exercising. It basically means turning off your brain or thinking of something else rather than about the fatigue and pain of your workout. Research shows that music is the most practical tool that can help you do that. It is just like when your half an hour commute goes by in a second just because you weren’t thinking about it. While listening to your favorite songs, you can easily get your mind off the workout and postpone the feeling of fatigue, which will, in turn, increase the efficiency of your workout. When you are not feeling intense pain or fatigue, you are able to endure more than usual and increase your workout ability.

2. Motivation

Music is a great motivator no matter what you do, but especially when it comes to physical exercise. This concept is nothing new, but very often we forget how powerful it really is. Professional athletes use music to concentrate and envision their goals when preparing for important competitions. Whether it’s a pretty meaningful lyrics, or simply some pumped up beats, music is possibly the thing you need to get you into the right mood. Luckily, there is a whole variety of motivational songs that are created especially for people who are trying to improve themselves, to further their potential and get that required burst of energy when needed the most.

3. Synchronized movements

Synchronizing your repetitive exercises with music beats is a great way to enhance your performance and build endurance. If you ever listened to music while walking to work or school, you probably know how faster, more energetic songs make you unconsciously walk faster than you usually would. This is what happens with your exercises when you listen to fast songs during workouts. Furthermore, you can use slow songs when you need to focus and work on your form, for example, if you are practicing ballet or doing a bar workout.

4. Positive emotions

People often tell you to pick the kind of exercise you find fun and enjoyable because you will be more inclined to do it. So, how do you make even the most boring exercise enjoyable? You add music to the mixture. Working out can be so much more fun when you make a party out of it and jam to your favorite songs. Moreover, research shows that you won’t feel that much resentment towards working out if you link it with positive emotions related to your favorite music. This can help persist and keep working on your goals.

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