Betting on Music in the UK

Whenever you think about gambling, it’s usually related to cards, chips, or sporting events such as football or horse racing with the Royal Ascot betting offers 2020. Maybe even dog racing. But we need to stop and ask ourselves: “Is there an end to what people might bet on?” There might not be. One of the hottest trends in the gambling world is betting on music shows and competitions. However, the laws of the United States prohibit gambling on any event that isn’t related to sports, so this type of betting is mostly reserved for the citizens of the UK.

Why bet on music?

Sports heavily rely on betting as an additional source of profit, even too much, as there are scandals with rigged matches left and right, and such scandals make sports less and less popular to bet on. Therefore, people who sought a good way to spend a little money and enjoy the thrill of gambling discovered a new way: by betting on music events. It has become popular for several reasons; firstly, there are tons of musical competitions at any given moment around the world. Secondly, rooting for your favorites during some of the bigger musical competitions of festivals, such as the Eurovision, can be just as exhilarating as watching a good basketball game.

What else do the people bet on?

The world of music is full of drama, and that is why it attracts even people who do not like watching or betting on sports. Betting is not limited only to the outcomes of musical competitions; people can also follow the career paths of their favorite musicians, and bet on the possibility of something altering it. For example, someone can bet that Madonna might get married in the next year, or that she will follow Britney’s example and shave her head, or that she might break her contract with her record label.

Who does it appeal to?

As previously stated, it gathers those who are disappointed with betting on sports due to various scandals related to fixing matches over the years. However, there are also those who are interested in the events taking place in the musical world, and who just seek to cash in their hobby of listening to music and their keen eye(or ear, in this case). It could also attract musical professionals, that seek to put their power of evaluation or prediction, based on their experience, to the test. One of the greatest differences from regular gambling is that the bets usually need to be placed a few months in advance, in order to eliminate the chance of cheating, if the odds change before the competition. This is why music betting might not be for those with a short temper, or those that are generally not the most patient types.

Can people bet on amateur musicians?

Absolutely- we can witness ever-increasing popularity of talent shows, the most typical example in the UK being The X Factor, which is also a very broad field when it comes to gambling. Aside from the obvious betting on who will win, or who will pass into the next round, people can bet on whether the person competing would have a good or bad performance. There are even instances of people going so far as to bet on the reaction Simon Cowell will have after the performance.

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