Sky Number

The Sky contact telephone number – 0844 800 3115 will direct you straight to the Sky customer services team to handle your inquiry. If you are calling because you have a query about the service you are already receiving it is advised that you have your account number at the ready. The best way to receive these services was much the same as today, calling the Sky customer service team using this sky phone number – 0844 800 3115. If you are not sure on which number to call, please call the main customer service helpline 0800 151 2747. This is a Free Phone number, like all 0800 numbers, which means it is free to call from a UK based mobile or landline.

Make a Complaint

If you want to make a complaint about your Sky customer services UK or if have any other problems please phone any of the following numbers. If you would like more information or to get a quote over the phone, call us free on 0800 561 4457, to make a complaint, please call 0800 561 4538. Sky Devices offers a unique customer-service experience by providing free technical support to users through the 1-800 Sky Squadron service, where our specialists are able to answer any technical question regarding the mobile devices.


Sky is the UK’s leading home entertainment & communications service provider and as such they are receive thousands of customer service phone calls a day which comprise new customers joining Sky and seeking sales support, happy customers wishing to upgrade their current packages, and unhappy customers seeking to file complaints and cancellations. Sky’s customer service team can help if you phone their contact telephone number 0800 151 2747. The customers care team is always on hand to assist you with whatever problems you come up with. Read more our helpline services to visit here….

They are the best and professional customer services expert who will help you solve these issues. Also, if you are not satisfied with the telephonic conversation with the customer care team then you can ask for a home visit of the Sky engineer, who will personally assist you to solve all the technical hitches that you are encountering. They will assist you with everything that you may need to make the move of the service fast and convenient so you’ll be able to use it as soon as possible in your new place.