Process and Benefits of Fuel Injection Servicing

You must take your vehicle for fuel injection servicing at least once every year; if you own an old vehicle, make sure you get its fuel injection refurbished once in every six months. During the servicing process, the carbon deposits responsible for blocking the flow of air and fuel gets removed, which increases the vehicle’s fuel mileage significantly. If the process is carried out by an expert mechanic, you can expect your car to get back the fuel mileage it used to offer when it was absolutely new. The servicing procedure also makes the acceleration of a car much smoother and increases the durability of other parts of the car. Read on to know more about the process and learn how it works.


If you take your vehicle to an experienced mechanic, he will not take more than an hour to perform fuel injection servicing. At first, a system cleaner will be added to the fuel tank in order to scrub the entire tank and remove as much carbon deposits as possible. Next, a vacuum hose will be used by the mechanic in order to remove all the remaining carbon deposits from the targeted area. At times, the mechanic might also need to clean the fuel rail separately using a cleaning solution designed specifically for this purpose.

Now, we will be discussing the primary benefits of fuel injection servicing. We have discussed the advantages of the procedure in brief in the first paragraph already, to know more about them read through the discussion below.

A fuel injector is basically an electric machine, which works by closing and opening alternatively at regular intervals. By doing this, the injector performs the job of administering the fuel of a vehicle. When fuel particles are accumulated on the walls of an injector, it fails to work as efficiently as before. It is almost impossible to avoid such accumulations; thus, the focus should always be on getting the fuel particles accumulated within the injector removed as quickly as possible. Fuel injection servicing helps in completing this removal job quickly.

After getting all the carbon deposits removed from the fuel injector, you will suddenly see your vehicle’s engine delivering better performance. Additionally, the fuel efficiency of your car will also improve almost instantly. However, for enjoying all these benefits, you must make sure that the mechanic has actually cleaned the injector. There are some unreliable fellows in this industry who take money without completing the cleaning job properly.

It’s true that too much of carbon deposits in the fuel injector stops a vehicle from performing efficiently. However, you must never wait for such a time to come; instead, take your vehicle for fuel injection servicing every year. You can even take care of your fuel injector by using a fuel injector cleaner. I’ve stumbled upon a great article that describes the best fuel injector cleaner.

People are adopting methods like carpooling and purchasing latest fuel-saving trick save fuel for its price-hike. At times, being devoid of carpooling or having a new car option, the only option that remains is getting enhanced gas mileage with your car becomes important. Knowing the fuel mileage of your car and getting no ways to raise its fuel economy is a crucial issue. It sounds astonishing but your driving habit does have an impact on the fuel economy of the car, although, they almost charge nothing.



When the car starts, the process gets a thicker fuel-air mixture and makes exhaust smell while starting a cold engine. In fact, at this preliminary stage (accelerating from a standstill), the car consumes maximum fuel. An engine in running state when you take a break consumes same fuel if you adopt a stop and restart method of the engine. The rolling resistance of tires and load of the car has to be dominated to get going while gathering speed of a car from its motionless state. Try maintaining a rolling inertia in the car while nearing stoplight as rolling start consumes less fuel than a still start and increases fuel mileage.