What do you need to consider when picking a storage unit?

There aren´t so many occasions in your adulthood where you won´t be needing a self-storage unit. Moments in life such as renovating your home, moving to a new one, becoming a student or just finding yourself in some distant city are probably going to require renting a self-storage facility. There are plenty of reasons why you should use a self-storage facility. Even though you might not be aware of, renting a self-storage facility may open a new chapter in your life. It´s more than just a place to put away your belongings. You may think that price is the only factor you should consider when opting for a self-storage unit, but there is much more you need to take into consideration.

Compare the prices of renting

The rent can be very different from company to company, depending on factors such as location or climate control. In most cases, you´ll find various kinds of introductory offers such as discounts or 1-month free period. Be careful with the deal you’re going to choose because you need to find something that´s going to suit you in the long run. Also, take your time to compare prices. If you think you have found a good deal, compare the price with competitor prices to see how good your deal is.

Check if the price is negotiable

Many self storage units will offer you various promotions, but if they don´t, feel free to suggest it to them. For example, you can ask for a discount if you pay several months up front, or ask for a discount on a unit that´s less desirable.

Think about the size you need

Most storage companies have a calculator on their http://selfstoragemodules.com/, and it´ll help you to determine the exact size of the space you need. Of course, if the unit is bigger, you´ll have to pay more so you might want to consider shelving.

Do you need an outdoor or indoor unit?

Outdoor units mostly remind on garages so loading and unloading larger objects won´t be that difficult. But, they lack in security which makes indoor facilities more desirable if you need better protection for your possessions. Keep in mind that you can opt for units on the second or the third floor and they are less expensive but don´t think about putting larger items in there.

Ask about insurance

Your homeowners or renters insurance may cover items in your storage, but you might want to call your insurance provider to make sure if they cover items stored away from your home. Keep in mind that storage facilities usually cover damage inflicted to the storage unit itself, and not to your belongings. So check that before it´s too late.

You must be capable of paying your bills

This is the bill you absolutely must pay, especially if you store more valuable items in there. Self-storage facility has the right to sell your stuff to recover the money you owe them. Of course, a storage unit will have to notify you about the possible outcome, but if you´re only a week late, your items won´t disappear.