Landscaping Ideas for Any Home in Sydney

Landscaping of every type adds beauty to our surroundings, so effort should be put into the maintenance of it. It is not necessary to have a great deal of money to do this, landscaping in Sydney can be done on any budget.

The best way to start is to make a plan, defining your planting zone and taking note of all the conditions that can influence the area, such as moisture, sun and shade. Once a plan is in place, low-budget ideas can be developed.

Lawn and grassy areas are ideal for children and pets as well as the fact that it adds color to the scene. However, lawn is a time consuming project due to the watering and mowing tasks required to keep it healthy.


landscaping ideas for your house


Additional needs are often requires in the form of fertilizer and pesticide, so if lawn is a necessity, then it is best to keep it limited to a small area. Grass does not have to be included in your landscaping, as there are other options that work just as well and are easier to keep up.

Try low ground cover for larger areas or Japanese pachysandra for yards with large amounts of shade; both are excellent in creating a tranquil scene for your property.

Decks are a popular choice for yards, but can be expensive and wood will require upkeep and periodical painting. Lower budgets can choose ground level stone or slate patios instead.

Not only can the materials possibly be obtained free from a quarry or surrounding terrain, but all that is needed to keep them looking good is an occasional hose down.

Stones also create appeal when they are wound around the gardens and planting areas as a quaint walkway or path.

While the look of a white picket fence is idyllic, fences in general are costly, both to make and to maintain. A more economical option is to plant shrubs that will grow tall and form hedges.

The right shrubs will grow close to twelve feet tall and the dense leaves form a picturesque barrier to the outside world. Hedge shrubs will need well-drained soil for planting as well as partial to full sun coverage and regular pruning.


Sydney landscape design around trees


For a more colorful ‘fence’, plant lilacs in the spring; they can grow up to 15 feet and will bloom beautiful and fragrant flowers, making an ideal backdrop for any yard.

Smaller yards, especially front yards, may appear smaller with bulky fences or taller plants. So as not to take away from the yard’s appearance, use tightly woven latices or single wood panels to create privacy from any one direction.

If the space is available, then a traditional fence or hedge can be used to create the privacy of your outdoor area.

Gardens and yards also require mulch as a means to reduce erosion and the loss of moisture. Because of the added bonus of preventing weed growth, place as much mulch as you can around the bases of trees or shrubs as well as throughout flower beds and planting areas.

Mulch-covering forms of low-budget décor can be found in the form of wood chips, sawdust or bark as well as stone. Another weed prevention option is to use ground cover or spreading plants as an extra layer for the garden floor.

The use of native plants for your yard is a very economical choice. These plants are inexpensive and are likely to thrive given that they are used to the local climate and conditions already and can survive the local insects.



Perennials are the best option for flowerbeds because once mulched, they do not require much attention. Economical accent plants include the Maiden grass and the Oregon boxwood shrub.

Research your trees before purchasing. Remember that certain trees like deciduous trees will lose their leaves and require regular raking in the fall seasons. Pick trees that grow quickly, so that your landscape is given ample amounts of shade in the shortest amount of time.

Choose trees that are easy to take care of and that provide certain benefits such as evergreen trees; keeping their leaves all year means your garden never loses its color or shade.

The front yard should be approached differently because it has the added pressure of adding to the appeal of your home. The front yard can be a warm welcome or an unwanted deterrent.

The right landscape can invite people to admire your home as they pass by as well as add to the property value. Be sure to always check with your homeowners association in the vent there are certain regulations regarding yards and structures.

Even with a small front yard, there are ways to create a big statement. Take time to catalog the look of the house and the features already in place to help your design. Even if space is limited, a few small and colorful additions can make a big difference.

Any eye-catching colors or fixtures will draw eyes to your home and by highlighting a path to the front door, people will feel a sense of welcome before they even enter the home.

If the yard already has a path to the front door, then bring life to it with accents of low growing evergreens and small budding annuals. This makes the walkway look bigger, more inviting and adds just the right splash of color to please any approaching eye.

You may even consider painting your front door a vibrant color to create a very inviting appearance. Your visitors are sure to feel welcome as they stroll up the tranquil path towards the warmth of a colorful door.