Compare Grocery Prices

We are all striving for improvement of our life standards and to do so, we need to master the art of saving money on a daily basis. It seems like we are forced to learn various tricks and strategies so we could put some money aside and save it for emergency cases, retirement or just to feel financially secure. Sometimes, saving money involves a lot of sacrifices and seems hard at times. However, if you´re persistent enough, and wisely spend and save money, your monthly income will probably look much higher.

Groceries tend to be a major burning hole in almost everyone’s budget, and people are feeling stressed out because of it. A few surveys conducted on behalf on spending habits found that over 50% of Australians had to use their credit card to pay for groceries, at least once. Many of them reported that they´re doing it frequently. Since relying on a credit card is not the solution, you need to learn how to save money, even if you don´t have a huge income.

Make a plan before you go shopping

Before you go to a supermarket, take a look at what you already have to avoid overbuying. Create a list strictly based on your needs and weekly menu plan, and don´t forget to include leftovers into your menu. You may also want to check the ads before you create a weekly menu. Besides that, there are many options available to compare grocery prices at different supermarkets. Basically, you need to try to include as many sources as you can to be able to find the best deal and save some money.

Don´t avoid generic brands

In most cases, store brands are a lot cheaper than national brands. Keep in mind that every food manufacturer is obligated to follow standards, so there´s nothing to worry about the quality of the store brands. If you look closely, it´s likely to find simpler versions of the food you like to eat, which is something you should consider before creating a weekly menu. Besides that, you may want to look in Woolworths catalogue to find the half price sales and grocery deals.

You don´t have to buy perfect stuff

The items that are looking different are usually at a discount. For example, in Woolworths, you can find their ˝odd bunch˝ banner, and you´ll find strangely shaped fruits and vegetables which are sold below their usual price. Besides that, you´ll sometimes find some hard vegetables and fruits that have developed small mold patches which can be cut off and you can eat the rest of it.

Always buy in bulk

Buying in bulk is by far one of the best ways to save money per item. However, you need to have enough room for everything you buy. Otherwise, you may forget to use some things over the course of time. Also, try to cook in bulk. Instead of preparing dinner every evening, cook it in bulk and freeze it. It will not just save your time in the kitchen, but also lower your electricity bills.