Can Accounting Be Considered an Art?

Do you know some accountants think they are scientists? Do you know there are also analysts who believe that they are artists? You probably haven’t heard about this, but it is true. At some point of their career and learning accounting, these professionals begin to be intrigued by a rather unusual question – is accounting a science or even an art? Opinions are divided, but there are also experts who think accounting is actually both. Let’s finally find the answer to this question.

Can Accounting be a Science?

Business Accounting can definitely be considered a science. It would be defined as a science of recording and presenting the financial data of a particular economic entity. As in science, the data is collected through thorough observing, detecting, investigating, and identifying economic events and phenomena. A certain methodology of collecting, testing and analyzing must be determined, as well as the presenting methods. Science follows a systematic and organized path and procedure to understand the economic status of a particular business entity. Knowledge is obtained through scientific-alike methods such as observation, study, practice, experiments and even investigation. Methods are used in order to recognize a systematic pattern in a business entity. Only through systematic study, we can learn about the economic status of an entity. Scientists must reach a conclusive result of their study. That result can be gained only by using certain methods such as identifying, measuring, recording and in the end, researching. Economic results are finalized in the exact same way. By thoroughly analyzing, classifying and using other bookkeeping accounting methods we can understand and predict the economical “behavior” of a business entity.

So, to conclude, accounting can be considered a science because it uses rules, methods, principles and concepts similar or identical to the ones in scientific research.

Can Accounting Be an Art?

Today almost everything can be considered art. We hear terms like the art of living, the art of staying alive, visual arts, conceptual arts and so on. It seems like life is art. In a way, that is true. So, why accounting couldn’t be art a well? Art is a complicated term. It can include a range of human activities. It doesn’t have to include only painting, film, photography, sculpture, architecture and so on. Art doesn’t have to only visual. Music is definitely an art, but we can see it, we can only feel it. We can also define art as using your skills and techniques in a particular way, which often involves a lot of creativity. Without creativity, art cannot exist.

So, when it comes to accounting, we can say the art in this field is the study of implementation of techniques and methods. By following and implementing certain methods to present our financial findings, unique results are created and presented, similarly to a piece of art. The process is similar to scientific research, but making decisions and estimation are classified as art.

Do you think art is that simple? Do you think making a choice is enough to call something an artistical approach?

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