Be Classy To Own A Custom Designed Bic Lighters

Bic lighters are safe to use. To enhance the style and add some fun element, you can have custom Bic lighters. Either you iron stamped your lighters with some brand logo or funk it up with a miniature character sketch of your favorite anime series.

Read how Zach Bowman is explaining at about the dangers of smoking while being at gas station:

This is what happens when you play with cigarette lighters while pumping gas

Zach Bowman

It’s easy to forget just how dangerous fueling your vehicle can be. Drivers visit gas stations hundreds of times a year, and topping off the tank is as second nature as tying your shoelaces.

However, that doesn’t mean gasoline has suddenly turned less flammable. Just ask one absent-minded guy in Australia. While waiting for the pump to shut off, the gentleman checked to see if his cigarette lighter was in working order. Sure enough, a small flame popped up with the first flick of the flint, and the fumes from the gushing gas pump quickly followed suit.

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Custom bic lighters are easy to carry around in your pocket. Like a wallpaper on your laptop or mobile phone screen that depicts the way you imagine and think, similarly that’s what a custom bic lighter does. From variety of colors to diverse range of images, signs, symbols, and abstract art designs, you can have anything designed on your bic lighter.

Thorin Klosowski at is explaining an interesting thing that you can do with your car:

Hack Together a DIY Emergency Car Charger With A Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Thorin Klosowski

If you’re on a road trip and find that you forgot your car charger for your phone or other USB device, Popular Science shows off how to make one on the fly using a USB cable and any 5-volt car cigarette lighter adapter.

The process is incredibly simple, but you still want to make sure you do it right so you don’t blow up your phone. All you need to do is cut the USB cable, and strip the insulation to reveal a red and black wire. Do the same to the 5-volt cigarette lighter adapter (don’t use a higher voltage).

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Comic book characters, anime, gothic figures, sarcastic signs, and symbols are quite popular among youngsters and they can have it on their bic lighters. Customize as much as you want, there is absolutely no restriction in it.

There is custom made bic lighters sleeve and pockets are available as well. Like a cell phone cover, you can change it or have it for longer period of time. the world is no longer about take it what it offers rather it is about to take only what you really want.

Watch this video by richpin06a that will tell you how to replace cig lighters in a car:

Flaunt your custom bic lighter designs from among friends and acquaintances.