Artistic Interior Decorating Ideas

You can decorate your home in so many ways. An important thing to know is that home decorating style is entirely a personal decision because it should reflect your personality and recreate the atmosphere and comfort that you are seeking to be at your home. If you are looking for inspiration, there is no better way to get inspired than looking at beautiful pieces of art. Through creative contemplation, you can come up with great ideas and turn your home into an art piece as well. As a lover of modern art, we suggest you embracing the modern/contemporary interior design and focus on having clean areas with a few key details. Vivid colors and play with textures is something you must do to create an artistic interior. Less is more so prepare to embrace the minimalist style with a whiff of Suprematism or international Constructivism.

Decorating Modern Homes

White walls are cold and sterile and in modern art, there is no place for boring works. Your home should be an inspiration for those who will live there and enjoy the comfort of that space. As we mentioned, bold, vivid colors are crucial for creating an unusual but stunning look. If you want to choose colors in a palette, you will need to learn how to read a color chart and make it easier for yourself to choose and combine matching colors. If you are in Neo-impressionism, choose colors that complement each other, like green and red. However, intense colors like this should be used on the same wall or two walls one across the other.

If you have kids, choose a wall in the living room that will be your own huge piece of art in the form of a mural. Paint it with your hands and fingers and just let the creativity flow in you. This is a fantastic chance to be a little childish and explore the creativity within you. This will become a great memory both for you and your kids. However, if this is a little bit too much for you, you can always go safe with pastel colors which you can compare and match with your furniture colors.

Decorating Materials, Furniture and Accessories

The minimalist look is often considered to be futuristic, and therefore people think it includes a lot of electronic accessories such as big TV screens or stereos. Minimalistic design should, above all, evoke serenity. So if you aren’t that tech friendly, you can decorate your interior with flowers and scented Candles. Small details like candles have the ability to bring in space. You don’t need large accessories and pieces of furniture to fill in the space. You should fill it in according to your desires and requirements. If you want to liven up the space, instead of choosing bold colors, you can go for granite floors and linoleum that add a note of earthiness to your home.

Don’t place rugs on the floor or tapestries on the wall. Avoid “covering” anything up. Modern interior decoration style is all about opening up the space and accentuating the realism of chosen materials and accessories. This means stone should look like stone, wood like wood and so on. Glasshouse candles go great with sleek and clean pieces of furniture with sober colors and design. This will give you not only a feeling of more space, but also a sense of sophistication, lightness and boldness.